A Tale Of Recovery

One day a man was walking down the street when suddenly he fell down a hole in the middle of the sidewalk. He tried to jump up and climb out, but nothing worked. He began calling for help, and a police officer came to the hole and looked down. The man said, to the officer, “Help! I’ve fallen down this hole and I can’t get out!” So the police officer lowered his baton, but it didn’t reach down far enough. The officer said, ”I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do for you,” and walked away. The man continued to call for help. A few minutes later the man’s priest walked to the hole, and the man said to him, “Father, father! I’ve fallen down this hole and I can’t get out!” The father said, “I shall pray for you to get out!” The priest lowered his head and prayed. When the priest raised his head the man was still down in the hole. The priest said, “I’m sorry, but it looks like you are meant to be in that hole.” And the priest walked away. The man continued to yell for help. Then an average man walked up to the edge of the hole and looked down and asked, “What happened?” The man at the bottom of the hole replied, “I’ve fallen down in this hole and am stuck. Nothing I’ve tried has gotten me out. Can you help me?” The man up on the street replied, “I can.” After saying that the man jumped down into the hole, and landed next to our friend! He asked this stranger, “Why did you jump down here? I’m trying to get out!” This stranger looked into his eyes and with a soft smile replied, “I was once in this same hole. Now let me show you how I got out.”

I love being a therapist. I was once in a hole and made it out. Now I want to help others get out of their holes, whatever the hole may be. Sometimes this can happen quickly, and in some cases it happens slowly, but either way I’d love to travel the road to a happy destiny, right along your side.