Addiction Therapy

Addictions are something that can affect many different parts of someone’s life. I look to join my clients in dealing with each and every one of those aspects. It is an awesome thing to see someone repair themselves internally, which than leads to health in their surroundings. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

Symptoms of addiction:

  • Lying to family and friends to cover up behaviors
  • Regret after acting out
  • Restlessness/nervousness while abstaining from behavior
  • Agitation amongst friends and families
  • Financial stress from over-spending
  • Inability to maintain job
  • Drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • Adultery
  • Pornography use
  • Sex addiction
  • Compulsive shopping/spending
  • Gambling for adrenaline rush
  • Inability to quit smoking

addiction-therapyThe other clientele I specialize in are couples and families dealing with addictive behaviors, and how these behaviors affect the family. In most of these cases there are usually trust issues, as well. This therapy includes not only helping the family member(s) with the identifiable symptoms, but with the other family members’ roles in the situation. The addiction is usually the easily identifiable symptom, but rarely the only one. I believe it is very important for recovery to not only include recovery from the addiction, but also on relationship recovery. In most situations the addiction is one part of the family/couple issues, but there are others that surface when the addiction ceases. I have seen unhealthy relationships transform, and new relationships begin. It is a lot of work, but an awesome thing to see!